My view of open relationships

The first meaning of Open Relationship is the same as the word "Relationship", which is the meaning of love. Some people think that a person may love only one person in his life, and that person is his or her destiny or fetter. Some people think that a person may fall in love with an unknown person at different times and circumstances. He/they will feel that the world view of a person is a child's worldview. It called throuple.
The latter kind of person, he/they are not generally unbohemian, he/they are more demanding to themselves, emotional rich idealists.
He/they yearn for more love and thus express a passionate pursuit of love, so it is impossible for him/them to love only one person.
How can a person tolerate the world, he/they want to experience this flourishing world.
Because of their own strict demands, he/they don't want to give a faithful commitment to marriage and then betray their own vows.
However, he/they also need emotional attachment and stable taste of home, so he/they choose the form of Open Relationship to shape their emotional life.
You say it's a compromise, a greed, or at least a sincere attitude towards your life.
What Open is not the literal meaning of asking you to walk into his/their emotional world, but to ask you to walk into his/their emotional world. It's a confidence in your mental abilities. Such people tend to have a strong spiritual world, mature thinking and a proven worldview.
Behind the Open is a qualified person with a rich spiritual world, mature personality, excellent economic ability and not susceptible to influence from others.
He/she can learn, grow, and experience different worlds rather than lose themselves in every relationship.
Sexual relations, but these are the accessories, do not put the cart before the horse. There are many people in the world can do this.
But some people who call Open Relationship are just using it as a fancy, booty call and irresponsible shield.
Who is the model of Open Relationship? A: Sartre and beauvoir.
Open Relationship is far more than sexual liberation, and begins to dissociate the socio-economic meaning of the Relationship and the emotional value that is vital to modern human beings. Sex is desire satisfaction, it is a kind of pleasure, it is different from the pleasure of different people, and the person also needs to constantly new attraction and pleasure. Then, without hurting each other, you can have a more beautiful sexual experience.
Many people equate Open Relationship with promiscuity. I don't agree with this concept of stealing. Open Relationship is focused on the emotional richness, the abundance of love, the sexual behavior is just a result, not the purpose of departure. Threesome dating, or we called it polyamory or throuple dating, has a great feeling of close relationships, and it has been a new trend.