My family is polyamory


Polyamory, namely a women married several men at the same time, and it is law, but with the development of modern civilization, polyandry country less and less, more and more countries cancelled this wonderful work of marriage law, the current polyandry countries mainly in Africa andĀ some poor rural areasĀ of some Asia countries.
Islamic nations and the gulf states: mostly of it are polygamy countries, such as the united Arab emirates, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, parts of Nepal.
African countries: there are still many countries in Africa that are polyandry, mainly Senegal, Uganda, Libya, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.
The United States: and American Mormons, not only allowed polygamy, but also polygamous countries.

How can polyamory have sex:
In Chinese Tibetan, It is important for a woman to have an elderly woman to tell her husband to be equal to her husband, and not to be partial to one person. Unity, apart from everyday life, the difference between threesome and monogamy is the handling of sexual relations with husbands.
Husband and wife share a room, the previous information record is usually husband to put a letter in the doorway to say, other husband will naturally avoid. Some families, there is a tacit understanding between husbands, does not need any obvious way, naturally, will know who knew his wife and brother, such as when sleeping brother is not here, to leave the room or sleeping after his brother, and so on. Because they are living together everyday, they can be known from a few small actions, so other husbands voluntarily avoid.
Marriage in parts of the Tibetan part of China is marriage marriage and marriage. But a polyandry family is married to a wife, has not yet discovered several brothers entered the woman's family situation.
Its wedding custom is the same as that of a monogamous wife. Because of the dov, in the case of the family, some want to make clear that the brothers take a wife, also some don't explain.
Wedding, there are three kinds of different situations, the more one is represented by one person to attend the wedding, this kind of situation is mostly represented his eldest brother marry, brothers after their long gradually, after having sex with his wife, the husband become a matter of fact from the fame, complete GongFu family.

There are, of course, a few exceptions. Exactly what kind of ways when they got married and mainly depends on the specific situation, such as brothers, the size of the age difference between brothers, brothers and the bride age gap, and so on, and the same family also have difference between people of different generation.
The two brothers attended the wedding, but their son was a representative. The traditional Tibetan polygamy family has several forms, including brothers' wives, friends' wives and the very few father and son. But in kang district the most important, the most common, the majority of the brothers are wives.
The open relationship between the children of a polyandry family and their father is evident in the title.

One is to call big brother daddy and the rest uncle. In mango, he also called his father, and the rest were uncle, second uncle, and third uncle. If first brother dies, it can be called the elder brother.
The other is indiscriminate, with several husbands being called fathers, two different ways of addressing, and sometimes co-existing in the same village, such as ding qing village in ding qing county.
Different salutation methods are just a habit and do not mean that the children really are. In changdu investigated several families of the fathers didn't imagine who is his own children, who are the others (elder brother or younger brother), anyway, the family of children, are their children, equally.
The children, on the other hand, were equally unequally to their fathers, and were not sure who the real father was. Children belong to the family from the perspective of the family, not to emphasize the individual. This habit is also good for family harmony.

They always have threesome dating and a open relationship. And their family is a throuple.